Saturday, 28 October 2017

New species of damselfly discovered in Cape York 'a remarkable thing'

A newly discovered insect found on the Cape York Peninsula might look tiny and delicate, but it is causing a big buzz in the bug world.
Queensland Museum entomologist Chris Burwell discovered a new species of damselfly — a small flying insect with two pairs of wings, similar to a dragonfly — during an expedition in Spring Creek, about 20km from Lakeland in far north Queensland.
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AUDIO: Dr Chris Burwell talks about the newly discovered species. (ABC News)
It is the first new species of damselfly to be discovered in almost a decade.
"Damselflies and dragonflies are one of the most well-known groups of insects in Australia, so it was a great surprise to discover a completely new species," Dr Burwell said.
"This one is something that nobody has ever seen before."
The senior curator of entomology made the amazing discovery during a federally funded Bush Blitz expedition in the middle of the far north Queensland wet season=read more

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